The story of Madness... in their own words
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What Happened When

Click on a year to find out what the band were up to… in their own words.

  • Prospects

    From very humble beginnings in NW5, three school friends began to think about more than just graffiti and petty crime.

  • Stepping Into Line

    The North London Invaders embark upon world domination, with plenty of personnel changes along the way.

  • Tomorrow's Dream

    More gigs, more line-up changes, and the realisation that this pop star malarkey might just work.

  • Chipmunks Are Go!

    A change of name, a fortuitous wedding gig and the first appearance in both the charts and the Top of the Pops studios.

  • That's The Way To Do It

    Another year, another album, with the knockabout videos cementing their place as heroes of naughty boys in nasty schools everywhere.

  • Keep Moving

    Tour follows single follows album follows film, with their jet-setting lifestyle leaving our heroes no room to breathe.

  • Going To The Top

    A glorious UK treble of No1 single, album and video sees Camden's finest at the top of their game. What could go wrong?

  • Please Don't Go

    The band's founder and keyboard whizz bails out for the sanctuary of a Dutch houseboat, but his shipmates keep things steady.

  • Don't Look Back

    It's onwards and upwards for the new Magnificent Six, who already have an eye on life beyond Stiff.

  • Turning Blue

    Growing up in public is starting to lose its appeal, as the sense of melancholy mounts behind the scenes

  • Disappear

    Two final singles, an unhappy foreign tour, and Madness disappear with a whimper. What now?

  • Lost In The Museum

    Side projects, fresh starts and new careers are tried - and rejected - as life proves strange for our ex-Nutters.

  • Return Of The Los Palmas 7

    A greatest hits collection turns into a full-blown reunion, which in turn causes an earthquake, quite literally.

  • Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)

    The fully-revived band spend five years in limbo, surfing the nostalgia wave for all it’s worth.

  • Brand New Beat

    The first new album for 15 years sees the unmistakable sound breath fresh life into the band.

  • MkII

    Bolstered by a new generation of fans, the second incarnation of Madness starts a new year with a new single.

  • Showtime

    The curtain goes up on the Madness musical to mixed reviews, shining the spotlight on their legacy to an even wider audience.

  • The Young And The Old

    Gigs continue to combine fans of all ages, and the band themselves look to the past for their next project

  • Memories

    The band go back to their roots with a new name and a vintage ska project that's not embraced by everyone, including a certain guitarist.

  • Let's Go

    With The Dangermen shelved, it's back to normal as the oldest man in rock 'n' roll returns and rumours of an ambitious new album begin.

  • Land Of Hope And Glory

    Norton Folgate is released to unanimous acclaim, with critics hailing it as the pinnacle of an already glittering career.

  • One Step Beyond

    Fired up from the success of Folgate, the band start thinking about their next project.

  • So Alive

    A momentous year sees a new album and starring roles at the Olympics and Queen's Jubilee.

  • Shadow On The House

    Seven become six once more as Mr Smash decamps for sunnier climes and a solo career.

  • You Can't Keep A Good Thing Down

    Studio album number 11 earns rave reviews, followed by another riotous House of Fun and triumphant Christmas tour

  • Round And Round

    A busy schedule of festivals and tours is mixed with solo films, health scares and new material.

  • One Better Day

    To mark their 40th anniversary, the band embark on a mammoth round of activity

  • So Much Trouble In The World

    The global Coronavirus pandemic brings all activity grinding to a halt

  • Given the Opportunity

    As Covid subsides, Madness make up for lost time and embark on new activity

  • Release Me

    With the running order whittled down, fans wait expectantly for the band’s 13th studio album

  • Uncle Sam

    Madness finally make it over the pond for their much-delayed USA tour